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The secret of affiliate marketing, or one of the MANY that are there, which I will be delving into more in future publications here and also on my blog.

But for now, you should know the secret is YAHOO search marketing

Yes that's right, stinky yahoo that no one likes.

In the United States, Yahoo has about a 19% reach of all internet users, while around the world it's reach is even further. So people say, do not bother with Yahoo for advertising, and they list all the reasons why they think they know what they are talking about. Isn't it cute when people talk about things they know nothing about, or especially cute when they THINK they do, when they DON'T?

Well, back to the topic at hand. The point is, you may not get the volume you will get as in Google, but for affiliate marketing, your profit margins are even MORE important than any traditional online business, because if your advertising costs outweigh your revenues, especially while trying to get a foothold in this type of marketing, you can count yourself out before you ever get in.

So here is the GOOD part of the secret, that explains what I am talking about: Let's say you market a product on google, and pay 91Cents a visitor.

Did you know that that SAME visitor might cost you, say... oh 40-50Cents in Yahoo? This is not ALWAYS the case, BUT it usually IS the case that your costs will be MUCH lower in Yahoo because the bids are more cost effective.

Now to Secret Point #2: Prices are lower because... there is a lower reach, i.e. less visitors, and so less people advertise in Yahoo, and so... you will have LESS COMPETITION! What the heck difference does THAT make?

Well, you should know that this may make a SIGNIFICANT difference in your Conversion Rates! That is, the rate at which people buy versus how many people click. You very likely can find products and services that convert, oh maybe 1-2% on google, and 5% in Yahoo. One last point to consider: Yahoo has a different demographic than Google does, and this can effect your conversion rates also.

To clarify with an example: Let's say you sell product A in google for a while. You pay $1 per visitor, get 100 visitors a day, spending $100 a day, and convert at 2%. You need to make $50 a sale just to break even on that.

You can take that same product, put it into Yahoo, get say 50 visitors a day, at 75cents a visitor, $37.50 for your daily spend, get a 4% conversion rate, which would bring you 2 sales on 50 clicks for the day, so that same $50 commission you needed per sale to break even in Google, just made you $62.50 for the day. This is a realistic scenario.

Now, keep in mind, this does not ALWAYS work this way. There are A LOT of horrible affiliate programs out there with sites that convert at like .5%. You also need GOOD AD COPY, and Intelligent keyword lists, and bid strategy as well.

But, discounting Yahoo is not a wise move in affiliate marketing. Anyone who says Yahoo isn't worth anything, probably isn't very good at what they do to begin with.
Yahoo DOES have it's downsides, like customer service, keyword matching options, and some other things, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it to make money!

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