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How To Gain A Strategic Advantage In Affiliate Marketing By Using the Secrets of Pay Per Click

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SL:    Hi Glenn.

GL:    Hi, Sweetheart, how’re you doing?

SL:   I’m doing great and what is our topic for today?

GL:    Today we’re going to talk about strategic affiliate marketing with an emphasis on strategic.

SL:   Interesting.  Okay, we haven’t talked about this before.

GL:    We haven’t talked much about affiliate marketing and so it really hasn’t been necessary to talk about the difference between strategic affiliate marketing and just plain old affiliate marketing.

SL:    Okay, so let me have it.

GL:    {chuckles} Well, you know what affiliate marketing is, right?

SL:    Yes, of course.

GL:   Simply being a commissioned sales person.

SL:    Would you like to describe it for people who might be really, brand new, just to be sure we’re all on the same playing ground.

GL:    Sure, maybe it would be better if you said your plain English description of it, since I tend to get a little bit geeky.

SL:    Well, the way that I understand it and this is really your specialty, not mine, my specialty is marketing research, you know, qualitative research.  But what I understand is that when you’re looking for a market, you could be selling your own products and services or you could be sending traffic to other products and services that you’ve identified that you think are really cool and help grow those markets and become affiliates to them and get incentives for sending people to their websites.  You don’t have any specific customers, there’s no customer service, there’s no merchant account hassles, no employee hassles.  You can work in very high traffic environments, you have minimal product risk, and that’s how I understand it.  Do I have it correct?

GL:    Yeah, you got it just about perfect and it’s a very doable, achievable dream and there are lots and lots of people that go on vacation and come home and find more money in the bank, but there’s a problem and the problem is that because it’s such a wonderful dream, there’s a tremendous amount of competition.

SL:    That makes sense.

GL:    So it’s really necessary to do something that gives you a competitive advantage and distinguishes yourself as the affiliate to make the purchase from, rather then any one of the dozens of affiliates that are trying to broker some traffic and make money from it.

SL:    So how do we do that?

GL:    Well, the best way that I know to do that is in the pay per click environment and pay per click, just means people search for a keyword and then these ads appear on the right hand side and they click on them and the advertisers only pays when the searcher clicks.  So the advertisers only paying for visitors and as an affiliate you are the advertiser and you are buying traffic to send over to a vendor who is going to give you money if those people buy.  It’s kind of a simplistic way of looking at it.  There’s a situation where you can make money if people just sign up for a list.  Sometimes you can make money by producing leads for people and sometimes you can make money by just producing clicks, but for the most part, the money in affiliate marketing has to do with providing people with a sale and getting a commission on those sales.  So it’s like being a commission sales person on the internet.  The question was, how do you get a competitive advantage?

SL:    Right, because there’s a lot of commission sales people out there.

GL:    Yes, and the way that you get a competitive advantage is by being very strategic about the marketplace.  By doing your research beforehand and coming up with a strategic blueprint of everything that the market wants.  What their wants, needs, and desires are, where their paying points are.  Where their frustrations are?  What’s easy for them to find?  What’s hard for them to find?  You really need to be able to write your prospects diary for them and read it to them so that you stand out as the marketer that they identify with the most, that they feel most cared for, that they feel most loved by.  The way you can do that is by focusing on a particular type of simple survey that you do in the pay per click market.

Dr. Sharon Livingston So how do we do that actually?

GL:    Let’s start with the survey.  Let’s start with the understanding that behind every keyword, is a different mindset.  Does that make sense?

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